The Long Range Flags series is designed with a large fin area and propeller to allow the shooter an accurate flag reading at longer distances. The rigid, two-tone fin is constructed of lightweight Coroplast. The three blade propeller is constructed of lightweight plastic and is two-toned to help determine wind direction and speed. The flag pivots on a ball bearing system which allows for higher sensitivity. Included with each flag are an adjustable pole (24" to 40") and an anchor pin. Available in three sizes (see below).

Long Range Wind Flags

Long Range Wind Flags (single flag)

SMALL: 9" x 12" fin with 9" diameter propeller          $70
MEDIUM: 11" x 14" fin with 10" diameter propeller     $75
LARGE: 12" x 15" fin with 12" diameter propeller      $80


Long Range Dual Vane Flags

These dual vane flags are extremely sensitive.  They pivot on a ball bearing system. The flags are constructed from aluminum and lightweight polymer components. The dual vane design shows the slightest change in wind direction and allows for reading of wind angle.  The design allows the vanes to be folded flat for easy storage and transportation.

Overall fin size for both styles is 10" x 8"

The flags come with poles an anchor pins which are made from a durable fiberglass and polymer. Poles are adjustable from approximately 24" to 40".

Available in two styles.  

$90 each or $325 set of 4

Style A

Style B